Lab results are estimated to inform 70% of medical decisions and make up 2.3% of overall healthcare costs.1

With Labcorp’s lab stewardship program, clinicians, payers and labs can work together to:

Lower costs while maintaining quality

With our broad range of resources, we can help your organization improve outcomes, increase access and reduce spend. We identify opportunities to improve patient management and access to care while lowering overall medical expenses through earlier disease identification and intervention.

Enhance the provider experience

Our analytic tools provide metrics on lab utilization and clinical guideline adherence regarding tests and population health. This brings you powerful insights at every level: population, clinician and member.

Focus on health equity

Our population analysis reports can help providers evaluate specific patient populations to identify opportunities to promote public health and close care gaps for those most at risk.

Utilization Dashboards and Metrics

With Labcorp Insight Analytics’ interactive lab utilization dashboards and metrics for ordered tests, providers can identify potential opportunities for more efficient testing, including guideline-based test ordering cascades (e.g., thyroid function).

Point of Care

By integrating providers’ electronic health records with evidence-based insights and longitudinal patient views, Labcorp Diagnostic Assistant can help clinicians quickly address next steps with your members.

Patient Results Cross-Search

Cross-search capabilities within our Labcorp Link platform enables providers to easily find and review prior lab test results for each patient (ordered by any clinician from Labcorp) before ordering a test— reducing waste and preventing unnecessary, duplicate testing.

Clinical Decision Support

From patient-specific diagnostic information to evidence-based healthcare content for high-cost disease states, Labcorp offers clinical decision support to help both physicians and your members better manage health.

Contact us today to explore how Labcorp's lab stewardship programs can help meet your unique needs.


1. Ducatman BS, Ducatman AM, Crawford JM, Laposata M, Sanfilippo F. The value proposition for pathologists: A population health approach. Acad Pathol. 2020;7:2374289519898857. doi:10.1177/2374289519898857