Labcorp has analyzed nearly 30,000 neurodegenerative clinical trial and study samples on the Quanterix™ platform and has expertise in running the following:

Biomarker Associated Diseases
NfL Neurodegeneration: MS, ALS, AD, PD, FTD (frontotemperal dementia), HAND (HIV associated neurocognitive disorder), COVID-19 associated neurological disorders, concussion/mTBI
GFAP Neurodegeneration: MS, AD, NMOSD (neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder), COVID-19 associated neurological disorders, concussion/mTBI
p-tau181 AD
Total tau Tauopathies: AD, FTD with Parkinsons (PD), PSP (progressive supranuclear palsy), HAND, concussion/mTBI
Neuro 3-plex: Amyloid beta (1-42), Amyloid beta (1-40), total tau AD, HAND
Neuro 4-plex E: Amyloid beta (1-42), Amyloid beta (1-40), NF-L and GFAP AD
Neuro 4-plex A: NF-L, GFAP, Total Tau, UCH-L1 Concussion/mTBI
a-synuclein PD, AD
Amyloid beta (1-42) AD
p-tau231 AD
Cytokine 3-plex: IL-6, TNFa, IL-10 AD (inflammation)

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