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Labcorp At Home Self-Collection Kit Provider Information

Labcorp At Home Service Offers Convenient and Easy Access for Patient Care

Labcorp At Home for COVID-19 PCR testing can be ordered through any standard Labcorp account using an interfaced EMR system or Labcorp Link™. Providers will be prompted to enter the patient's home address and contact information. A test kit is sent overnight to the patient’s home for self-collection. The patient performs a simple nasal wipe using a foam swab and places the kit in a prepaid FedEx envelope for routing to Labcorp.

Results are delivered directly to the provider’s electronic medical record (EMR), making the process seamless for the ordering provider and convenient for patients. The result gives providers the information needed to make the appropriate clinical decision.

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For Health Care Providers

  • Trusted testing using an FDA Emergency Use Authorized RT-PCR swab collection
  • Seamless order through existing Labcorp account via interfaced EMR or Labcorp Link
  • Turnkey delivery of specimen collection kit to patients at their home
  • Simple collection and shipment of patient sample

For Patients

  • Easy-to-follow collection and return shipping instructions 
  • Non-invasive nasal swab (short swab) collection
  • No need to leave home for testing 
  • Results delivered in Labcorp Patient app (when registered)

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